That’s how long it takes to reach perfection the Fatto-A-Mano way. Each pair of Via Venetto is lovingly created by the artisans of the trade in thirty-nine steps. From carefully hand-picked fine leather to each cut and each stitch. Very few brands like Via Venetto can meet the same global standards as the high-end brands in Europe.

Two-millimeter. An error that small can create a significant experience in the way a shoe looks or feels by its owner. Only people who have a passion for their shoes can truly appreciate the art and skill that goes into each masterpiece. Fatto-A-Mano perfected is Via Venetto’s only way.


As early as the planning stage of the first VIA VENETTO store it’s already resolved that they were going to make and sell not only beautiful shoes and bags but comfortably engineered and durable shoes and bags as well.

That they will use the best materials within reach and continuously and tirelessly improve their craft.

Their motto was and still is, “we will not do with make do. Hindi pwede ang pwede na.”