Whatever the product is, quality always matters. And the treasured things in life are often hand crafted articles, which today are at a premium, no thanks to the deluge of mass-produced goods that have swamped the market.  While many consumers may celebrate affordable price points with “me-too” lookalikes or fakes, there are more now who will not suffice with imitations and require only the original, authentic article. 

When it comes to footwear there is no substitute for quality, craftsmanship and —the prized virtues of the genuine item that are the result of the work of highly skilled professionals with a commitment to quality and an attention to detail rather than a passionless machine operator. Handmade leather shoes and bags are products that are created by an artisan and therefore are unrivalled by other makes in terms of craftsmanship. 

Only the best materials are used by Via Venetto when it comes to proper handmade leather shoes. Superior genuine leather is needed for footwear to be up to scratch, and every small detail, leather and components sourced from the leading suppliers in Europe, Asia and around world. Thus, when you invest in a VV handcrafted leather shoes you can be sure that only the finest materials will be hugging your feet.

Consequently you get a shoe that has it all: maximum comfort, latest elegance, and durability.These are the hallmarks of the all-Filipino shoemaker Via Venetto, long the choice of those who know and require comfortable, fine quality footwear.

Via Venetto, has remarkably survived the onslaught of cheap, synthetic, imported mass-manufactured footwear. Uncompromising customers insist on authentic, “real leather.” How do we know this for a fact? Customers, who have experimented with synthetic leather, have returned with their disintegrating shoes, aching feet, requesting us to “please do something.” Sometimes we can do something, sometimes, we can remedy. More often than not, we can not.”

To be sure, there is more to genuine leather than meets the eye. Although handmade leather shoes pull together the bespoke look, real leather itself is far kinder and healthier than plastics which synthetics leathers are made out of. The leather shoe allows the feet to breathe whereas synthetic shoes can cause sweatiness because the heat and humidity here can be extreme and can ultimately be uncomfortable and unhygienic. If you want to feel comfortable at all times, genuine leather shoes will keep you happy while you’re in them sitting, standing, walking or partying. 

Via Venetto, on the other hand, uses the finest European leathers and handcrafted by the experienced artisans of Marikina. Unlike synthetic and cheap, faux leather, Via Venetto’s shoe and bag material can keep its integrity for decades. “We have clients who proudly show us their twenty- year-old Via Venetto shoes and bags."

So how does Via Venetto see itself evolving with the times? “We’re keeping our ground,” Via Venetto says, “We believe in the integrity of good leather meticulously crafted by hand. As the Italians say, ‘fatto a mano’—which is exactly the same battle cry you see in all our stores today!” There are stories of how the flooding of mass-produced shoes masquerading as leather from other Asian countries have wrecked havoc on the Philippine shoe industry and ultimately the families of the Marikina shoemakers.

There is clearly a steady return to the genuine and the handcrafted across the world, as evidenced by the ads, websites and publications of many prominent European brands emphasizing the handcrafted process of their brand.  

As the world turns, so does Via Venetto, which keeps its pulse on the latest looks on catwalks in the world’s fashion capitals and translates these to its own designs. But while tastes change, and trends wax and ebb, Via Venetto’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship remains constant no matter what. 

Finding the right pair of shoes that offers value for money has never been more important, especially at a time when too many people fall into the false economy of buying cheap shoes only to find they have worn out quickly. Via Venetto shoes last a long while, and with proper care, they should be around for many years. This provides a greater deal of value for money for any wearer and should make the decision to buy these shoes totally justifiable. It is not often you have comfort, style, and quality in the one package—this is the promise of Via Venetto shoes, which are the ultimate fashionable, comfortable and durable choice.
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